Mojo Direct Marketing

Mojo Direct is a comprehensive marketing company ready to professionally manage of all aspects of your marketing.

We could list fancy resumes and detail our Mojo Direct marketing company history, but let’s be care far more about you than you do about us. We understand this and we agree with you. So, we’ll keep this simple and focus on how our marketing team can positively affect your business.

Let Mojo Direct’s marketing experts take care of everything. Why let Mojo Direct manage all of your marketing? So that you don’t have to juggle multiple projects from multiple vendors. We can save you time and money and ensure that all of your marketing carries a strong consistent message to the market. We’ll focus on your marketing so that you can focus on your customers!  

We provide cost-effective print and internet marketing services that help you reach new clients, build a strong brand, communicate with your existing customers, and drive higher sales and profits.

Small Business Marketing

With a little Mojo, little guys can market like big guys…

Your Mojo Direct small business marketing materials will have the same high quality design, look, and feel as those produced by large household name companies. How? Mojo Direct utilizes state of the art printing facilities to produce the highest quality print marketing materials available. Direct mail print marketing materials are often the first impression someone has of your business. Our quality work will give your future customers a strong positive impression of you before they ever contact your business. We have over 20 years of print marketing experience that we will put to work for you.

Your marketing will connect with the right people. Mojo Direct utilizes extensive market research and highly targeted mailing lists to help you make good marketing decisions and focus your direct mail marketing on the right target markets. This will help you reduce costs and maximize returns on your Mojo Direct marketing investments. We offer free marketing advice that will help you craft clear actionable marketing plans. Our executive team has over 20 years of experience working in the sales and marketing departments of small businesses and Fortune 500 Companies.

Cost Effective Marketing Solutions

The bottom line is this—Mojo Direct can provide cost-effective marketing solutions that help you reach new clients, create customer loyalty, and drive revenue and profit. Enough about us…contact Mojo Direct today and let’s start focusing on you. There is never a charge for our advice! (770) 545-6179


As the #1 real-estate agent in Palm Beach FL, obtaining high value home listings is essential to my success. Jay at Mojo Direct has been a huge help. I rely on Mojo postcards to target very select high-value homeowners. These postcards consistently help me acquire profitable listings. I have been working with Jay for years and I plan to work with him for years to come.

Brian Boles

We were looking for ways to grow our landscaping business. Mojo Direct offered us a great solution—targeted postcard mailers to help us attract architectural hardscape jobs in North Atlanta’s affluent suburbs. The postcard they designed was amazing and we were quickly quoting fireplace and flagstone patio jobs. Mojo is going to become a permanent part of our marketing!

Andy Hunt, Lane Landscaping

Print marketing works. I must admit that I was skeptical when my business partner suggested we try direct mail marketing to attract new patients to our dental practice. However, my skepticism was gone after our first brochure mailing started generating appointments. Mojo has done a great job for us. They handle our direct mail marketing and all of our business printing.

Dr. Jerrold P. Gultz