1. What is the Mojo Prestige Mailer?

The Mojo Prestige Mailer is a small, exceptionally high quality, shared direct mail publication marketing luxury goods and services to 5,000 local affluent residents.

• Only 12 ads maximum per edition. Many editions will have fewer than 12 ads!
• 5,000 delivered to high income homes
• Several editions targeting your area’s wealthiest neighborhoods
• Median income of each edition is typically well above $100,000
• Home values are typically from $350,000 up to $2,000,000+
• No competing businesses in the same mailer
• Only businesses focused on high-end luxury goods and services
• Large, high quality, custom designed ads

With the Mojo Prestige Mailer, you can target a very specific segment of the local population—wealthy residents with the disposable income to purchase your goods and services.


2. How do I get started?

It’s easy! Secure your ad position by completing your order. We’ll work with you to produce your custom ad and get your ad into the hands of 5,000 wealthy residents!

Here is an order form and details. Simply complete the form, email it to, and we’ll get to work!

Ad positions are limited & editions fill up quickly—don’t wait!


3. What areas are available?

Here are the areas/editions that are currently available. If you don’t see your area, don’t worry...we’ll be heading your way soon!

4. How many homes is each edition mailed to?

Each edition is mailed to 5,000 highly targeted affluent homes based on postal route median income and median home value.

5. What makes the Mojo Prestige Mailer different from other shared direct mail programs?

• Small size—only 12 ads or less
• Exclusivity—no competition
• High income target market
• Exceptionally high quality printing
• Large custom ads
• No contracts
• Low cost


6. How much does it cost?

Prices vary by edition. There are no additional charges; our pricing includes everything you need to secure an ad in one of our editions for one publication.

• $469-$529 for interior ads
• $799-$999 for front cover ads
• $599-$799 for back cover ads


7. How often is each edition published?

Most editions are published monthly, while other editions are published quarterly. Call 866-491-8483 or email to determine the publication schedule of the edition that you are interested in.


8. How many ads are in each publication?

Each edition is limited to 12 or fewer non-competing advertisers.


9. What is meant by “non-competing”?

Businesses that compete against one another are not allowed in the same edition. For example, you will not find 2 dentists in the same edition.


10. Who produces the advertisement?

We will be happy to produce an ad for you at no additional charge or you can send us your print ready ad.


11. What information do you need from me to produce my ad?

Please use the attached order brief to provide us with information to get started.

Here are helpful printing guidelines if you are going to produce your own print ready ad. Also, here is a template that your designer can use to size your ad correctly.


12. If Mojo creates my ad, can I use the artwork elsewhere?

If an advertiser wishes to purchase a license to use this Mojo Mailer ad artwork for other purposes, a small additional fee will apply.

13. What can I do to improve the performance of my ad?

Include a great offer. Keep your design and copy simple. Use professional photography or stock images rather than pictures you took yourself. Run your ad for several months to build brand awareness. Repetition of a great professional ad with a strong offer leads to the greatest chance of success!


That should answer most questions and address most concerns; however, if that doesn’t do it, give us a call at 866-491-8483 or shoot us an email at



As the #1 real-estate agent in Palm Beach FL, obtaining high value home listings is essential to my success. Jay at Mojo Direct has been a huge help. I rely on Mojo postcards to target very select high-value homeowners. These postcards consistently help me acquire profitable listings. I have been working with Jay for years and I plan to work with him for years to come.

Brian Boles

We were looking for ways to grow our landscaping business. Mojo Direct offered us a great solution—targeted postcard mailers to help us attract architectural hardscape jobs in North Atlanta’s affluent suburbs. The postcard they designed was amazing and we were quickly quoting fireplace and flagstone patio jobs. Mojo is going to become a permanent part of our marketing!

Andy Hunt, Lane Landscaping

Print marketing works. I must admit that I was skeptical when my business partner suggested we try direct mail marketing to attract new patients to our dental practice. However, my skepticism was gone after our first brochure mailing started generating appointments. Mojo has done a great job for us. They handle our direct mail marketing and all of our business printing.

Dr. Jerrold P. Gultz