Printing Guidelines

We at Mojo Direct want to ensure that your print job comes out looking crisp, clear, and professional. Our printing takes place on the highest quality offset and digital printing presses.  Low quality images and imperfections that you may not see on your computer screen, digital camera, or consumer printer will often become painfully apparent when your job is produced on our state-of-the-art printing equipment.  Therefore, we have some guidelines that we recommend you follow when submitting your artwork to us. 


Below are the file types that we accept.


  • PDF (2400 dpi at final print size) This is your best option.
  • JPG (300+ dpi at final print size)
  • BMP (1200 dpi at final print size)
  • PSD (300+ dpi at final print size)
  • TIFF (300+ dpi at final print size)
  • AI (Illustrator)
  • INDD (InDesign)
  • QXD
  • EPS


Please make sure that your image has been flattened and that you have converted any text to outlines.  We cannot accept layered or linked images.


Please ensure that your color artwork is created in CMYK mode (Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, and Black).  RGB is used for computers and electronic devices and is not suitable for print. 

If you have a print job that is full 4 color on one side and black on the other side (4/1), the black must be 100% K (Black) and cannot contain any CMY (Cyan, Magenta, or Yellow).


Please keep all text, logos, and design elements that will not bleed off of the page, within .125 inch of the finished edges of your print.  This is referred to as the safety area.  The cutting process is not always precise and this safety area will insure that important design elements are not cut off.

If you intend for your artwork to run to the edge of your page, your artwork must include a .125 inch bleed on all sides.  This means that your artwork must extend .125 inch past the point where you would like us to trim your print.

If your piece includes a border, please keep this border .25 inch from the edges of your finished piece. 


Please include trim/crop marks on your artwork so that we know exactly where you would like us to cut. 


Please do not use photos, logos, and other images that you have taken directly from your website.  We often hear, “just pull my logo from my website”.  Web images are very low resolution and are not suitable quality for print.  You will not be happy with your results.

With regard to images and copy that you send to us, you are responsible for ensuring that all of your images and content are obtained legally and that you have full rights to use such images and copy in the work that we are printing on your behalf.  Mojo Direct, LLC will not be responsible for any plagiarism or any other copyright, trademark, or other intellectual property violations.  When in doubt, don’t use it.   ThinkStock, BigStock, and iStock are great sources for licensed quality stock images.


A print ready file is one that is set up to be sent to the printer exactly as it is with no further modifications.  If you send us an approved print-ready file, please do not assume that we will modify it to meet the guidelines detailed above; if you send us an approved print-ready file, we will send your print-ready file, as is, to our print department and your print will be produced exactly as it is.

Please understand that we have to pay our designers.  If your file requires our design team to modify it in order to create a print-ready file, we will need to charge a small reasonable fee for this service.  We will be happy to provide a quotation for these design services if they are needed.


We will happily print your job even if you choose not to follow these guidelines.  However, please understand that you may not achieve the results that you are looking for if you fail to follow our advice.  Please contact us us if you have questions or concerns and let us offer our advice.  Better still, let our designers take care of your artwork so that you can rest assured that your print job will look great!  (770) 545-6179


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